Debt Freedom? Oy.


My husband has been on me for what seems like years….wait…it has been years…to help him get our finances in order. Let me tell you- I am having a hard time admitting that maybe this isn’t my strong point.

A few years back I had some surgery on my knee. This was before the kid, we were both working and making plenty of money. I was taking care of paying all the bills from our account. I asked my humble, loving husband to take them over for a few months. He was CHOMPING at the bit. Apparently, he had been DYING to get his hands on them and was never very satisfied with my Type B way of handling things.

Gotta love the truth.

Anywho. Fast forward about 4-5 years and here we are. He has never given them back to my very capable hands. So, I just make sure there is money and I shop. Which I am REALLY good at doing. And I don’t say that with any type of sarcasm. I find deals like it’s nobody’s business. Problem is, I probably find too many deals. But, it is my responsibility to be the primary shopper in my home. It is MY fault I have to spend the money.

Seriously though. We have a savings account. We have money going into the appropriate retirement funds and we are on a good track for that. (Side note: I work for a financial advisor part-time so let’s just hope I have been listening!) I always thing we are a typical, normal American family. With some debt. And some savings.

Let’s go on vacation??

The hubs says he wants to live without debt.

Wait a minute. WHAAAAAAA????

Here we go. Now I have to start paying attention.So, I have done the Dave Ramsey audio book. Now I have had the Kool-Aid and I am ready to be a “financially free” family.

This sucks.


Today I called and got our exact balances and added fun coloring charts to my trusty BuJo. (That’s my Bullet Journal. Have I shared that with you guys??) I haven’t even touched the car payments. Did you know that D.R. says that you shouldn’t have a car payment. Let alone 2?? Crap.

At the end of the day, I am grateful for my husband. I am glad he wants us to live this way. It isn’t how I learned. Today I am grateful. When you see me driving around in a car from 1980 that I paid cash for in the future, we shall see how grateful I have remained.

Skeptical. But it might be an interesting ride. Baby D has no idea what he is in for. Sorry, dude. No more random cars at the grocery store. I don’t even think you will be allowed in Walmart. And neither will I.

All my financial freedom,

Mama. So Imperfect.

PS. I, of course, appreciate comments about your freedom if you have done it! Share the pains as well. I am ready! Maybe. Go a little easy on me. Was it ramen every night??



Product Review: Star Wars Duel Game


Let me just start by saying, I am a pretty big Star Wars fan. I really don’t understand why everyone is not…?

But, that being typed and shared, I don’t necessarily spend the extra money to make it a Star Wars item. Don’t get me wrong, I dig some pjs for my kiddo and I wouldn’t turn down a light saber, but I don’t generally like the price tag that may come with the copyright.

We loved this game though! Of course, it is WAR. Just like we have been playing for years. So I was a bit skeptical that I needed a special set of cards to teach my 3 year old this traditional, classic card game. But there is one very cool thing (besides the really cool pics of Star Wars characters on all the cards…). There are no face cards. The cards go from 1-10. No Aces either. The game calls for an older child (I think 7+) but D was definitely able to play. And he really didn’t need much assistance.

The is a solid learning tool for the dude.

It helps him to practice smaller and bigger numbers, which cards are “worth” more than the others. It teaches him to lose and then win again from one draw to the next.

Do I recommend it? Is it worth the few extra dollars?

YES! Strongly. And it can be quick! It doesn’t have to be the long, drawn out type of Duel that lasts all day. We just go through once and then count our cards (another thing to practice) and the winner has the most cards at the end of whatever round you want.

Just click on the cards above to purchase from Amazon when you are ready!

All my love,

The Imperfect Mama

PS. This post does contain an affiliate link. I may earn something your purchase but it wouldn’t change your pricing if I do.  


Holy Foster Kids. Us?

My thoughts about fostering on 2.3.2017

Our decision to become foster parents did not come easily, or quickly. I was super easily convinced that I wanted it to happen some day. With my history in social work, it was inevitable that I would sincerely need to keep doing more. More with the great love that we have in our house. More with the safe environment that we have built for our family. The hubs was…a little harder to convince.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t about opening up his heart and his home. It was more for our safety. And our sanity when it was time for the kiddo(s) to leave us.

I confessed. I promised him that I understand the pain that awaits. But, I just had to convince him that the pain is not something that I can’t handle. In exchange for making a difference. No matter how hard it is for us- the kiddos that need us didn’t ask to be where they are in foster care. They need us. However brief it may be. However painful it may be to say goodbye.

So, the process is on. We have done a ton of paperwork, given our info for a bunch of clearances, and done some online training. Next is first aid/cpr and a class in our home. Our first home inspection was a success! Now, we wait for clearances to return and our in person class to be scheduled.

We are ready.

Our decision to HOMESCHOOL….

There are three things in my life that I would love to blog about. Right now. Maybe 4. There has been so much going on lately!

My mind completely changed for today’s post because my son just said to me, “I am gonna toot on my dinosaur.”

Seriously. And now he is hoping he can get some syrup to use as stickiness for something in his play world.

I freaking love, love, love my life with a boy. And it just makes me even more excited to talk about this decision that we made as a family a little over a year ago.

Let’s be honest. Just for a second. Then we can get back to the B.S.

Homeschool is scary. And we are just in preschool. I am currently so passionate about it though that the scariness has become sincere motivation. I have been asked “Why?” already so many times I couldn’t legit pass on an honest count. My biggest why?

This dude. He is a sponge. No joke. And, I like him.

We are seriously surrounded by the smartest people. Both in intelligence and life experience. While his Dad and I will be his primary teachers, he has so much to learn from others. Through co-op experience and time with our family, his friends, our friends, and even random people that we meet out in the world- this dude is super lucky. And he will be super prepared to be an adult.

And guess what?

This decision is never permanent. He, we, I can decide that it is time for him to go to public school. Whatever that might look like!

We are so ready for this adventure.

Follow along! This is NOT the only life decision that we have made. We recently made another big one and I am dying to talk about it.

Until then,

Mama. Imperfect.