Our decision to HOMESCHOOL….

There are three things in my life that I would love to blog about. Right now. Maybe 4. There has been so much going on lately!

My mind completely changed for today’s post because my son just said to me, “I am gonna toot on my dinosaur.”

Seriously. And now he is hoping he can get some syrup to use as stickiness for something in his play world.

I freaking love, love, love my life with a boy. And it just makes me even more excited to talk about this decision that we made as a family a little over a year ago.

Let’s be honest. Just for a second. Then we can get back to the B.S.

Homeschool is scary. And we are just in preschool. I am currently so passionate about it though that the scariness has become sincere motivation. I have been asked “Why?” already so many times I couldn’t legit pass on an honest count. My biggest why?

This dude. He is a sponge. No joke. And, I like him.

We are seriously surrounded by the smartest people. Both in intelligence and life experience. While his Dad and I will be his primary teachers, he has so much to learn from others. Through co-op experience and time with our family, his friends, our friends, and even random people that we meet out in the world- this dude is super lucky. And he will be super prepared to be an adult.

And guess what?

This decision is never permanent. He, we, I can decide that it is time for him to go to public school. Whatever that might look like!

We are so ready for this adventure.

Follow along! This is NOT the only life decision that we have made. We recently made another big one and I am dying to talk about it.

Until then,

Mama. Imperfect.



Where is my mama brain??

Since before he was born I have looked at time lines. When should he lay on his tummy, when should he roll over, at what age will he start eating oatmeal, when should he be walking…? These questions were answered by charts, other moms, generally just happening, or at least googled like crazy. When D-Man hit 12 months- I quit paying too much attention. All of a sudden, I realized it.

My little manĀ is still drinking a bubba. At 14 months.

It didn’t hit me at ALL that this was a transition that I was missing. He has a TON of sippy cups. He just drinks water and very watered down juice from them. Here I am, toting around bubbas in a sweet little monkey cooler bag and grinning from ear to ear when he looks like such a big boy drinking his bubba all on his own. Ah. Duh.

It is recommended that babies lose the bottle at a year old.

Sorry buddy. You are about to go through a transition. And Mommy didn’t even mentally prepare herself.

And we just decided that the binky leaves on New Year’s Day. Poor buddy is in for quite a few months.

I guess it’s not time to tell him that Mickey Mouse isn’t real?

Mama. Imperfect.Daxton 14 months