Product Review: Star Wars Duel Game


Let me just start by saying, I am a pretty big Star Wars fan. I really don’t understand why everyone is not…?

But, that being typed and shared, I don’t necessarily spend the extra money to make it a Star Wars item. Don’t get me wrong, I dig some pjs for my kiddo and I wouldn’t turn down a light saber, but I don’t generally like the price tag that may come with the copyright.

We loved this game though! Of course, it is WAR. Just like we have been playing for years. So I was a bit skeptical that I needed a special set of cards to teach my 3 year old this traditional, classic card game. But there is one very cool thing (besides the really cool pics of Star Wars characters on all the cards…). There are no face cards. The cards go from 1-10. No Aces either. The game calls for an older child (I think 7+) but D was definitely able to play. And he really didn’t need much assistance.

The is a solid learning tool for the dude.

It helps him to practice smaller and bigger numbers, which cards are “worth” more than the others. It teaches him to lose and then win again from one draw to the next.

Do I recommend it? Is it worth the few extra dollars?

YES! Strongly. And it can be quick! It doesn’t have to be the long, drawn out type of Duel that lasts all day. We just go through once and then count our cards (another thing to practice) and the winner has the most cards at the end of whatever round you want.

Just click on the cards above to purchase from Amazon when you are ready!

All my love,

The Imperfect Mama

PS. This post does contain an affiliate link. I may earn something your purchase but it wouldn’t change your pricing if I do.  



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