Foster Family


Our decision to become foster parents did not come easily, or quickly. I was super easily convinced that I wanted it to happen some day. With my history in social work, it was inevitable that I would sincerely need to keep doing more. More with the great love that we have in our house. More with the safe environment that we have built for our family. The hubs was…a little harder to convince.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t about opening up his heart and his home. It was more for our safety. And our sanity when it was time for the kiddo(s) to leave us.

I confessed. I promised him that I understand the pain that awaits. But, I just had to convince him that the pain is not something that I can’t handle. In exchange for making a difference. No matter how hard it is for us- the kiddos that need us didn’t ask to be where they are in foster care. They need us. However brief it may be. However painful it may be to say goodbye.

So, the process is on. We have done a ton of paperwork, given our info for a bunch of clearances, and done some online training. Next is first aid/cpr and a class in our home. Our first home inspection was a success! Now, we wait for clearances to return and our in person class to be scheduled.

We are ready.