Foster Certified. Yup. For real.

Last night we finished our final training and turned in our final papers to qualify to be a certified Foster Care Family.


We have different emotions about this.

I am excited. I am nervous. But, I am ready. My heart feels ready.

D is up for anything. Or so he thinks he is ready. We have explained to him that a “baby” might come and live with us for a little while and asked him what he thinks of that. Let’s just say he ¬†thinks that is pretty cool. He is three. I am not really sure if he realizes how much of his stuff he will be sharing. Including his mom & dad. I stand by the fact that while I think it won’t always be easy for him, it will always be an amazing learning experience. Even if he is just learning to be grateful.

The hubs. He is a stud. It is clear that I am in all ways attracted to him but in all seriousness- I am reminded constantly that we don’t always agree on things. He is the protector of our family. I think that he has dealt with all sorts of emotions since we started on this path. I have heard the pride in his voice when he tells others that we giving it a go. I have heard strength in his voice when he works through the training and talks about parenting. I have heard real fear and total uncertainty when we are behind closed doors. He has his reasons. He has agreed to give it a try and give it his best.

Are any couples completely both certain that this is the very best thing for their family? Anytime that I read about people prepping for foster care, it always seems likes rainbows and puppies. But, is it? Aren’t there sleepless nights, hidden concerns, and lasting uncertainty for at least one of you? And if you are doing this alone, are you having an easier time with balancing emotions since it is just yours, or does that make it even more difficult?

My “why” for this one is just too big to simmer down and forget about it.

More to come,

Mama. Imperfect.

P.S. Don’t worry. Feelings are valid. Feelings have been thoroughly discussed. The hubby is in, all in. My point is just that it isn’t all flowers and puppies. Or whatever. Feel free to share your thoughts but please be sensitive to all the feels.