Review: Sequence for Kids

Our 3 year old has really been into games lately. Which, I have to admit, I really love. It gives us a chance to spend some quality time together as a family and most of the games usually teach him something, even if it is just how to win and lose.

We purchased this for the dude at Christmas. I honestly wasn’t sure if he was ready for it, even though it was for ages 3-8. At first he really didn’t care that he was “trying” to get 4 in a row and the “Free” spaces did really confuse him. But, one-two months later, he is really into it!

Do I recommend it?

I do! It is inexpensive, it is a great way to learn to take turns and make good choices, he only has to “hold” three cards, and he actually does win and lose. It is a great choice for this age and I honestly think it will be a game that we can use for quite a while.

Click on the picture above to get it on Amazon. Best price I have seen, by far.

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You can also click: Sequence for Kids to get there.


Child Led Preschool

You guys. Homeschool rocks. Homeschool preschool? Super amazing.

Like. A. Sponge.

And the best part? We pretty much get to do Child Led learning. We have been doing a lot of research and we are pretty sure we know what kind of homeschool we are going to have in the future. At least when D is ready for Kindergarten. (More on that in the future!) But, for now, it’s all about play. That is how they learn at this age!

Today we woke up. We talked about our letter this week. (Which is “W” by the way.) He built a tower out of blocks. He wrecked the tower. He raced some cars and trains. We put some trucks in order by size. Then we picked up our friend and went to the park in the beautiful sun where he was able to play with a one year old and talk to his mom and grandma. They let him spell his name for them and he talked to the other boy about how their shoes matched.

Can you even imagine the things that he learned today?


Honestly, the thing about D that amazes me so much, he “tells” me when he wants to learn. He asks questions, brings me a book, and he practices writing his name and names of the people that he talks about all day.

And I see it all the time with other kiddos as well! All we have to do is make sure the “tools” are available. Some time at the library, things to count, general conversation that keeps them noticing things and asking questions. How cool is that?

We don’t have these type of days every day. But when they happen, we are so grateful.

Much love and play,

Mama. Imperfect.

Review- U.S.A. Map Puzzle-Melissa & Doug

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We were given this puzzle as a gift this past Christmas. I thought I would have to hold on to it for a while since it might be a little difficult still for our 3 year old. But, I was also excited since we love fun things that also have a learning component, which this gift DEFINITELY includes!

We busted it out anyways and I am so glad that we did! Of course he needed some help. The pieces are not like regular puzzle pieces. The border locks together like a regular puzzle but the states “sit” next to each other. Once we got the outside together we worked together on the states. We loved that they were different colors and definitely appreciated that each state had a picture of something that represents the state.

It is a great way to practice the states. For D’s age, I really liked it to introduce how the country is made of states and how we fit in over here in PA. We were also able to point out our close relatives and where they live.

Well?? Would I recommend it??

We loved it and it will remain part of our “curriculum” for a long time. I can definitely see being able to use it for multiple activities. Recommend!

Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle (51 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)

Thanks, Aunt Stacey!!