Vaca with my peeps…including the dad-loving baby…

Vacation was, as per usual, awesome. I am super-sized sad that it is over. Why do I always find myself wondering around Thursday-ish during a trip if it would still be Monday morning if I was at home that week? Vacation time and reality time are not the same minute for minute in length. And the Monday after….Super slo-mo ticking clock. BUT, I am extremely thankful that we were able to go and enjoy ourselves. The OBX area is my favorite vacation spot thus far and I am jealous of anyone living close enough to enjoy it full-time.

Our 13 month old enjoyed his first ocean experience. He LOVED the water and especially the birds and sand. I swear, he could play for hours. And he had no fear of the big, crashing waves at his little toddler feet. Why did I find that his attitude toward me all week was so devastating?! He LOVED his father.


10541928_10152762985610520_7325592168842782115_nI was crushed.

I may have cried more than once when I was alone. In my mind I didn’t blame my husband. {Maybe just a little…}

I understand the logic. I get that he sees Mommy a lot more often during the average week. I get the this is a “stage” and Daddy is just his THING right now…BUT…ouch. Seriously.

This too shall pass.

How long does this last?! If Daddy was in the room, that’s where he went for comfort, for cuddles, for laughs…he threw full-out tantrums if anyone else…including me…tried to get some D-Man time.

Daddy ate it up. And I shouldn’t be crazy about that! He loves that little boy and LOVED that time!!

It’s real, Moms of the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am SO grateful for that bond and my imperfect, perfect husband. It’s nice to see it…blah blah blah.

HUG ME. {Please}.

Love, Mom