Child Led Preschool

You guys. Homeschool rocks. Homeschool preschool? Super amazing.

Like. A. Sponge.

And the best part? We pretty much get to do Child Led learning. We have been doing a lot of research and we are pretty sure we know what kind of homeschool we are going to have in the future. At least when D is ready for Kindergarten. (More on that in the future!) But, for now, it’s all about play. That is how they learn at this age!

Today we woke up. We talked about our letter this week. (Which is “W” by the way.) He built a tower out of blocks. He wrecked the tower. He raced some cars and trains. We put some trucks in order by size. Then we picked up our friend and went to the park in the beautiful sun where he was able to play with a one year old and talk to his mom and grandma. They let him spell his name for them and he talked to the other boy about how their shoes matched.

Can you even imagine the things that he learned today?


Honestly, the thing about D that amazes me so much, he “tells” me when he wants to learn. He asks questions, brings me a book, and he practices writing his name and names of the people that he talks about all day.

And I see it all the time with other kiddos as well! All we have to do is make sure the “tools” are available. Some time at the library, things to count, general conversation that keeps them noticing things and asking questions. How cool is that?

We don’t have these type of days every day. But when they happen, we are so grateful.

Much love and play,

Mama. Imperfect.


Seven Things You May Have Rocked Today


There is a meme that I keep running into on social media that says, “I’m done adulting. Let’s be mermaids.” Truthfully, it makes me kind of giggle every time I see it. In a recent texting convo with a girlfriend, we asked each other what made us want to grow up so fast when we were kids. Was it legal drinking? Loss of curfew? Freedom? Our own family? Even though “adulting” isn’t a real word, it certainly does seem like it should be, right? Being an adult can be super hard, and parenting is like a different level of crazy.

Thing is though- being a parent is pretty outrageously awesome. Some of the hardest days are the, “Are my pants on fire? I don’t think I would even notice because I am so busy,” kind of days. These are the days when I am positive that we all need to pat ourselves on the back for the simple things that we accomplished.

Let’s discuss a few things that might have been epic for you today.

  1. Your kids leave the house with matching pants. Heck, I think their socks actually matched as well. And you are really lucky if they caught the bus without running.
  2. Tonight’s dinner may have been ordered at a drive thru, but your family ate! They let you use an expired coupon and you opted for the salads instead of the french fries. And you were actually able to help the oldest with his history homework with the time you saved. Huge pat on the back for that one, even if you did have to ask Siri what year Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
  3. You pooped alone. I’m just going to leave that one right there. Anyone with a toddler knows that this is an incredibly fantastic 5-10 minutes of your life, however rare.
  4. The soccer uniforms were clean and all you had to do was turn the dryer back on to get the wrinkles out. Their cleats were in the right place and your mom van got them to the field right on time. Props, Parent of the Year. And keep rocking those yoga pants to practices. None of the other moms are really going to the gym tonight and they are comfortable.
  5. Lunches for school tomorrow are packed and the living room floor shows no evidence of Captain Toy Tornado that is finally fast asleep. You are multi-tasking the laundry that needed folding with that show you really wanted to catch up on. Those things easily go together. And, heck, it kept you out of the snack zone. Score.
  6. There are no kids in your bed and you are pretty sure they are all still in their own. It is super quiet. They look like princes and princesses in their sleep. And so quiet.
  7. You are in bed before eleven. It could be a record. And you are truly exhausted.

The best part about it? You are ready to tackle it all like a superhero again tomorrow. Mermaids are overrated anyways.

Product Review: Star Wars Duel Game


Let me just start by saying, I am a pretty big Star Wars fan. I really don’t understand why everyone is not…?

But, that being typed and shared, I don’t necessarily spend the extra money to make it a Star Wars item. Don’t get me wrong, I dig some pjs for my kiddo and I wouldn’t turn down a light saber, but I don’t generally like the price tag that may come with the copyright.

We loved this game though! Of course, it is WAR. Just like we have been playing for years. So I was a bit skeptical that I needed a special set of cards to teach my 3 year old this traditional, classic card game. But there is one very cool thing (besides the really cool pics of Star Wars characters on all the cards…). There are no face cards. The cards go from 1-10. No Aces either. The game calls for an older child (I think 7+) but D was definitely able to play. And he really didn’t need much assistance.

The is a solid learning tool for the dude.

It helps him to practice smaller and bigger numbers, which cards are “worth” more than the others. It teaches him to lose and then win again from one draw to the next.

Do I recommend it? Is it worth the few extra dollars?

YES! Strongly. And it can be quick! It doesn’t have to be the long, drawn out type of Duel that lasts all day. We just go through once and then count our cards (another thing to practice) and the winner has the most cards at the end of whatever round you want.

Just click on the cards above to purchase from Amazon when you are ready!

All my love,

The Imperfect Mama

PS. This post does contain an affiliate link. I may earn something your purchase but it wouldn’t change your pricing if I do.  


Review- U.S.A. Map Puzzle-Melissa & Doug

*This post contains affiliate links. I might get a very small amount of credit if you order from my link. It won’t cost you any extra. 


We were given this puzzle as a gift this past Christmas. I thought I would have to hold on to it for a while since it might be a little difficult still for our 3 year old. But, I was also excited since we love fun things that also have a learning component, which this gift DEFINITELY includes!

We busted it out anyways and I am so glad that we did! Of course he needed some help. The pieces are not like regular puzzle pieces. The border locks together like a regular puzzle but the states “sit” next to each other. Once we got the outside together we worked together on the states. We loved that they were different colors and definitely appreciated that each state had a picture of something that represents the state.

It is a great way to practice the states. For D’s age, I really liked it to introduce how the country is made of states and how we fit in over here in PA. We were also able to point out our close relatives and where they live.

Well?? Would I recommend it??

We loved it and it will remain part of our “curriculum” for a long time. I can definitely see being able to use it for multiple activities. Recommend!

Melissa & Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle (51 pcs, 2 x 3 feet)

Thanks, Aunt Stacey!!

Holy Foster Kids. Us?

My thoughts about fostering on 2.3.2017

Our decision to become foster parents did not come easily, or quickly. I was super easily convinced that I wanted it to happen some day. With my history in social work, it was inevitable that I would sincerely need to keep doing more. More with the great love that we have in our house. More with the safe environment that we have built for our family. The hubs was…a little harder to convince.

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t about opening up his heart and his home. It was more for our safety. And our sanity when it was time for the kiddo(s) to leave us.

I confessed. I promised him that I understand the pain that awaits. But, I just had to convince him that the pain is not something that I can’t handle. In exchange for making a difference. No matter how hard it is for us- the kiddos that need us didn’t ask to be where they are in foster care. They need us. However brief it may be. However painful it may be to say goodbye.

So, the process is on. We have done a ton of paperwork, given our info for a bunch of clearances, and done some online training. Next is first aid/cpr and a class in our home. Our first home inspection was a success! Now, we wait for clearances to return and our in person class to be scheduled.

We are ready.